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The work, or actions to be completley obsessed with ones fraternity. borderline homosexual. by LeopoldoReport definition
staying in a fratty manner; debauchery, beligerence and yelling words such as for example "dude","party",and "chug" are a handful of fratty qualities by Leonie LothReport definition
becoming 'fratastic' is a beauty and an art this is certainly acheived just by the most elite. Those who are 'fratastic' are often discovered peeing in random places, beverage every evening associated with few days and week-end just for enjoyable, throw day events for which they end up blackout by 10am, have late night dance events, do keg really stands, funnel their beers, have actually keg events, tend to be phenomenal at alcohol pong as well as flip glass, and essentially they never stop. Generally to become 'fratastic' in addition need to have an account that's your claim to popularity, eg 'that time I became drunk for a week and a half', or 'that time i woke up nude 10 kilometers away in a downtown city area', or 'pissing in a cop car while becoming arrested if you are beligerently drunk' etc. Girls is called fratastic for many activities or tales, yet its more difficult for them to acheive this level of amazingness based on their particular larger capacity for embarassment. by CaroleReport definition
Being really Frat boy like; possesing the desirable frat son attributes. by GilmaReport definition
the most achievment of fraternal reverly, the paragon of college achievenment from a social standpoint. Only the dedicated few can achieve such an excellent, an excellent evinced by tossing the fattest bone-chuck ragers in which generator-powered mega-watt blacklights associated with L.E.D refracting party lights make it possible for a club-like dance scene condusive to any or all interactions, giving even squarest of dudes to be able to socialize. Qualities such as for instance shouting frat incessantly followed by a 10-15 second chug from a handle, emphasizing that to be fratastic you need to forgo buying a 5th of difficult alcoholic beverages and without hesitation decide for a handle especially if the ingesting celebration is under 5 individuals. Drinking to get rid of all inhibition and awaking to selection of issues, including but not limited by: a half-eaten mustard sandwhich, jeans wet with urine resulting in the phone left in your front pocket become dysfunctional, comprehensive bruises and bodily problems, confusing an inner-city park workbench for the space, and waking up to god understands which appearing like god knows just what. Slamzonied and shwapdizzled all prescribe to extremely high quantities of intoxication essential as a requisite to fratastic accomplishment. According to your geographic place, it could additionally be expected to constantly divulge absurd sober rants about absolutely nothing, namely specific conditions that are indicitive to certain indiginous individuals of specific northermost areas in underdeveloped nations and continents. Various other encourageable faculties consist of discussing your teacher obnoxiously as prof. and constantly making use of movie quotes to bolster laughter specifically with a loudspeaker to make certain that your entire campus professors can hear. This extended extensive summation of attaining fratastic ideaology is paramount to the conservation of fratters world-wide, follow it with all of the may well. by Valeria SantosReport definition
becoming extremely frat-boy like (in other words. performing keg-stands before the keg is nearly tapped) by Lynwood CowanReport definition
an approach to describe an act this is certainly much like something which may possibly occur in a fraternity celebration or event. Needs to be rowdy, crude, awesome, and stupid adequate to make sense. Everyone else present must be in the process of blacking out on cheap beer and achieving fun. by PatriciaReport definition
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