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(n) A manual threshing product comprising a long wooden handle or staff and a shorter, free-swinging stick attached with its end.
(n) something utilized for threshing, composed of a lengthy handle with a shorter stick affixed with a quick piece of chain, thong or similar product.
(n) A weapon that has the (usually spherical) hitting part attached to the handle with a flexible joint eg a chain.
(v) To beat or hit with or just as if with a flail: flailed our horses with the reins.
(v) To wave or swing vigorously; thrash: flailed my arms to obtain their particular attention.
(v) To thresh utilizing a flail.
(v) to maneuver vigorously or erratically; thrash about: arms flailing helplessly inside liquid.
(v) To hit or lash completely violently: boxers flailing at each and every various other inside ring.
(v) To thresh grain.
(v) To beat making use of a flail or comparable apply.
(v) To wave or swing vigorously
(v) To thresh.
To whip; scourge.
To strike with or just as if with a flail; thresh.
To whip; scourge.

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(brand-new)origin, Vancouver, BC, Canadafrom the word flail, to act with abandon. Has its own definitions; losing anything can be known as flailed, caught like a chicken along with your head cut off generally whenever at the top of medications are called flailing, someone going crazy would-be called a flailer, flail would-be a bunch of random stuff a flailer has actually amassed. May relate to wasting time. by BulahReport definition
To dancing with crazy supply movements that will be entertaining for the audience and performer! by QuinnReport definition
v. to flailthe act of hyper rate dealing with your fandom and/or obsession. Sqeeling, clapping, gasping, obsessive behavior dizziness, speechlessness and random dance are all symptoms. by IoneReport definition
v.To conduct routine activities in a spastic manor often resulting in hilarity, indicated typically in degrees of Morley. n.A common task becomes a flail when the expected result is changed with the one that requires numerous clumsy events. Medications, Alcohol, or Caffine are now and again not always involved in a flail. It is often into the nature associated with individual carrying out the fail, sometimes their particular most defining trait. by Eva ValerioReport definition
1. A medieval tool resembling a mace, comprising a wooden, steel, or metal pole or stick for a handle, a chain or line, and a spiked steel basketball or cylinder, which was utilized by knights in battle.2. An type of Egyptian whip, generally leather, with three or higher tails. Flails is seen held in the hands of pharoahs in paintings, hieroglypics, as well as on sarcophogi (coffins). Often found in bondage play. See also cat-o'-nine-tails. by EltonReport definition
n. Someone who fucks up in process of doing one thing effective. Generally invloves being consuming medicines and/or alcoholv. To screw up in the process of make a move effective or which you usually could do very easily. by Berniece MatousekReport definition

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  • Sentence for "flail"
  • Synonym for "flail"
    • beat, thrash
  • Verb Forms for "flail"
    • flailed, flailing, flails
  • Phrases for "flail"
    • flail around, to flail, to flail, flail a
  • Rhyme for "flail"
    • Bayle, Braille, Dail, Dale, Gael
  • Hypernym for "flail"
    • beat, flap, implement, work over, beat-up
  • Same Context for "flail"
    • pickaxe, battle-axe, mallet, sledgehammer, halberd
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