What does fatulence mean?

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Man's all-natural bias of blaming a fart regarding the fattest individual inside area... by CalvinReport definition
thought as a fart-like sound originating from air caught among fat moves lubricated by sweat. Usually heard promising from overweight people tilting up to connect their particular shoes or pick up the tv remote while wearing a speedo. by Breann RemleyReport definition
pronoun,adverb, descriptive of both cause and effect of obesity and flatulence.; a passing of human poop molecules in a gaseous condition at a velocity and volume which crates an audible flapping regarding the gathered body fat,hanging skin, scrotum(male),labia(female),cellulite,even the textile underclothing wedged into the break of an evident overeater. Creates room for more of the identical enviromental disturbance. by Juanita RudolphReport definition
A grotesquely fat person who farts alot by Verla PauloReport definition
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