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(v) To prove lacking or lacking; perform ineffectively or inadequately: failed to fulfill their guarantees; were unsuccessful in their make an effort to reach the summit.
(v) becoming unsuccessful: an experiment that were unsuccessful.
(v) To receive an academic grade below the acceptable minimal.
(v) To let you down or prove undependable to: Our sentries failed united states.
(v) To abandon; forsake: their power failed him.
(v) To omit to perform (an expected task, as an example): "we should . . . hold . . . those horrors around the light of justice. Usually we'd fail our inevitable responsibility towards the victims of Nazism: to remember” ( Anthony Lewis).
(n) Failure to deliver securities to a purchaser within a specified time.
(n) Failure to receive the proceeds of a transaction, such as the purchase of stock or securities, by a specified day.
(n) failing (problem to be unsuccessful)
(i) without fail without chance of failure: be around at noon unfalteringly.
(i) without fail without possibility of failure: Be here at noon unfailingly.
(i) without fail With no chance of failure: Be here at noon unfalteringly.
(v) is unsuccessful.
(v) to not ever achieve a certain reported goal. (use note: The direct item of the term is normally an infinitive.)
(v) To neglect.
(a) This is certainly a deep failing.
(a) That is a failure.
(a) which a deep failing.
become or come to be deficient or lacking, as one thing expected or desired; fall short, cease, disappear, or be wanting, either completely or partly; be insufficient or absent: as, the stream fails during the summer; our products were unsuccessful.
To decline; sink; grow faint; come to be weaker.
To come quick or perhaps desiring doing his thing, information, or result; dissatisfy or show without what exactly is tried, anticipated, desired, or accepted: usually accompanied by an infinitive or by of or in: as, he failed to come; the test failed of success; he fails in responsibility; the portrait fails in expression.

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"Fail" is a word that is more than usually overused on line. Unfortuitously it's spewed into mainstream culture and from now on is being utilized in everyday life, much like "epic".People just who "fail" generally speaking are not also attempting to achieve something, or they merely do something differently than you. This term is most often utilized by annoying young adults (which place a poor reputation on video gaming), which shout "FAIL!" every time someone tends to make hook error.If you point out an evident flaw by saying "FAIL" you are obviously a failure your self for having not enough reasoning. by Herbert DeesReport definition
either an interjection used when one disapproves of something, or a verb meaning approximately the same thing as the slang form of suck. by AndresReport definition
An amazing word that can summarize virtually any bad scenario in a single syllable.A bad level. by MelanyReport definition
To fail is usually to be either: extremely bad at some thing, or to do/say one thing stupid to people, or even for an item/thing to fail, it offers never to be what it really is, particularly a funny comic not being funny, etc. by RudyReport definition
The wonderful not enough success by Verla PauloReport definition
1. Another word for "suck", almost certainly based on the world of internet gaming.2. Not to achieve by Danae VanallenReport definition

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Fail is an Internet slang term that's used as a caption to an image or perhaps is stated in a reply to a situation in which a person fails in a few obvious way. It acts in a bad feeling or perhaps in a humorous means. This term has grown to become a well known online meme. It is believed to have originated from the Japanese gaming Blazing celebrity, which provided an email people fail it whenever a person had did not advance to the next level. The definition of is employed as a standalone interjection, not part of speech. Fail may also be known as major fail, uber fail, massive fail or epic fail. by Sherman MatlockReport definition

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  • Synonym for "fail"
    • lack, decline, decay, sink, perish
  • Verb Forms for "fail"
    • failed, failes, failing, fails
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    • fail socially-responsible, fail socially-responsible, banks fail, banks fail, fail miserably
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    • Bayle, Braille, Dail, Dale, Gael
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    • take it on the chin, fall flat, flop, fall through, bollocks
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    • let down, disappoint, evaluate, pass judgment, judge
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    • decline, sink, sicken, without fail, feal
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    • failure, fail-safe
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    • failure, find, give, take, make
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