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from MMORPG Maplestory, maximum amount character enialb's (Blaine) method of dealing with people who address him, without reference to the context associated with the encounter. by BridgettReport definition
originates from an MMORPG called MapleStory, where the F3 key would improve your personality's face to show a troubled look. Players make use of it to get more of a sarcastic jesture and when they are not ingame, they would would simpyl kind "f3" at the end of a sentance to indicate sarcasm. by Armando NoyolaReport definition
The response to all questions. (no mention of Maple tale) or when discussing best when you look at the world. by JeffereyReport definition
The answer to all concerns. by ArnoldoReport definition
the next function secret. never as cool as f12....precisely 1/4 as cool... by GregoryReport definition
F3 is descends from a 2D game on the internet known as Maple tale. In game players would push the F3 button to improve the face area of the personality to a sarcastic face. The facial skin can help annoy players once they did or say anything stupid. Some players opt for the definition of "F3" outside game eg in each and every day address or Messenger. by Eugenio DoyalReport definition
Engineering slang for "oh snap"also shortcut input AutoCAD when it comes to function OSNAP by Nikita IsabellReport definition
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