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ways 'yes,' 'exactly,' 'right,' or 'that's proper.' Your message seems to be derived from the English term 'exactly.' by BulahReport definition
Meaning 'exactly' or 'precisely'. It is a variation of 'exactly' only with additional syllables for enhanced pronounciation. by AbbeyReport definition
precisely.Conceivably produced by "exactamente," Spanish for "exactly."It is used mostly by U.S. non-Spanish speakers. The Fonz, a hip irreverent character on 50s tv program The successful Days is in charge of some of the very first taped utterances though it is likely to are typically in use before then.The last half around the globe "mundo," possibly benefits from mishearing exactamente and, in another framework, mundo, "world" in Spanish. Interestingly the comprehended meaning features nothing in connection with this is "world." However in Spanish it may translate as "exact globe," although the sex of "exacta" makes the phrase grammatically proper. by GeneviveReport definition
Exactamundo is the means English individuals pronounce the Spanish term Exactamente, that means: precisely... by Anneliese ByrumReport definition
Literally indicates precisely throughout the world by LyleReport definition
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