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(n) The omission of a word or phrase essential for a complete syntactical building although not needed for understanding.
(n) a typical example of these types of omission.
(n) A mark or series of markings ( . . . or * * * , for example) found in writing or printing to point an omission, especially of letters or words.

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An ellipsis is some three or maybe more durations (...) placed into a sentence to point a pause or silence. Ellipses usually are found in dialogue. Ellipses are utilized today in place of other appropriate punctuation.An ellipsis could also be used to indicate the ommission or suppression of a word or phrase.Latin ellpsis, from Greek elleipsis, from elleipein, to-fall short.Plural: ellipses by ErnestoReport definition
An ellipsis is a type of 'super-period' making women exponentially more psychological and bitchy than the girl regular period. Quickly demonstrated graphically:Period: .Ellipsis: .................................. by Herbert DeesReport definition
Plural: ellipsesA group of three or more durations. This generally indicates a pause or silence, or is made use of when a sentence is kept partial. Common in text-based conversations. by Danelle CuddyReport definition
plural noun.The omission of a word or expression needed for an entire syntactical building although not essential for understanding. by LonReport definition
your message you will get excited as shit to check up-and you then discover it means punctuation level or some shit like this. by AntioneReport definition
An ellipsis (...) is employed after a sentence in stead of calling anyone an outright dumb-ass or retard. by BuddyReport definition

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  • Sentence for "ellipsis"
  • Synonym for "ellipsis"
    • omission, ellipse, dot dot dot
  • Hypernym for "ellipsis"
    • deletion, omission
  • Same Context for "ellipsis"
    • ellipse, omission, transposition, signification
  • Variant for "ellipsis"
    • ellipses
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