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(n) Anatomy The vertebrate organ of hearing, responsible for keeping balance plus sensing noise and split in mammals to the external ear, the center ear, while the inner ear.
(n) Anatomy The section of this organ that's externally visible.
(n) An invertebrate organ analogous to your mammalian ear.
(i) all ears Acutely attentive: inform your story-we're all ears!
(i) taken from (one's) ears In more than adequate quantities; overabundant.
(i) give To pay close interest; listen attentively.
(v) to make or develop ears.
(v) to place forth ears in developing; to form ears, as grain.
(v) To plough.
(v) to take with all the ears; to listen to.
(v) To plow or till; to create.
to be controlled by; hear with interest.
To take, as an ear; type ears, as corn.
to create with a plow; plow; till.

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The body organs that detect sound, put significantly symmetrically on opposing edges associated with mind for people. by AdalineReport definition
the one thing you hear wiht by Wen WolskiReport definition
Eagerly waiting for reaction by DeloraReport definition
Cockney pronunciation of "here", as popularised because of the Uk sitcom, Eastenders, showing the presenter's desire for his market's attention.Also, the East End's (of London) favourite Spanish verb (ir - going). by MelanyReport definition
Ears is a unit of the time measurement. An ear is approximatly the time it takes to quit tripping balls as a result of dehydration. by DamienReport definition
A derivative regarding the term "here." This sound is most frequently produced by individuals smoking marijuana, when driving a joint. by DarlenaReport definition

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The hearing organ. You will find three sections of the ear, in line with the physiology textbooks. These are the external ear (the component we come across over the edges of your mind behind the temples), the center ear, therefore the internal ear. But in regards to function, the ear has actually four parts: those three and also the mind. Hearing thus involves all elements of the ear as well as the auditory cortex regarding the brain. The external ear helps concentrate the oscillations of air regarding the ear drum and work out it vibrate. These oscillations are transmitted by a chain of little bones at the center ear to the internal ear. There they stimulate the materials regarding the auditory nerve to transmit impulses towards the mind. by Vera AnkneyReport definition
The outer ear appears complicated however it is the most basic part of the ear. It is composed of the pinna or auricle (the visible projecting part of the ear), the exterior acoustic meatus (the outside opening on ear canal), in addition to exterior ear channel that leads into ear drum. In sum, you have the pinna, the meatus plus the channel. Which is all. Together with outside ear has simply to concentrate atmosphere oscillations from the ear drum and then make the drum vibrate. by Elmira TorbertReport definition
The middle ear is made of the ear drum (the tympanum or tympanic membrane layer) and, beyond it, a cavity. This hole is linked via a canal (the Eustachian pipe) to your pharynx (the nasopharynx). The Eustachian pipe permits the gasoline stress in the middle ear hole to adjust to exterior air pressure (so, while you're descending in a plane, oahu is the Eustachian pipe that opens up if your ears "open").) The middle ear hole also contains a chain of 3 little bones (ossicles) that connect the ear drum on interior ear. The ossicles tend to be called (maybe not the Nina, the Pinta and Santa Maria but) the malleus, incus, and stapes. In sum, the middle ear communicates utilizing the pharynx, equilibrates with additional force and transmits the ear drum vibrations into the inner ear. by Debroah NeissReport definition
the inner ear is very complex. The fundamental component of the inner ear for hearing may be the membranous labyrinth where in actuality the fibers of the auditory neurological (the nerve linking the ear toward mind) end. The membranous labyrinth is a method of communicating sacs and ducts (tubes) full of fluid (the endolymph). The membranous labyrinth is lodged within a cavity labeled as the bony labyrinth. At some things the membranous labyrinth is connected to the bony labyrinth and at various other things the membranous labyrinth is suspended in a fluid (the perilymph) inside the bony labyrinth. The bony labyrinth features three components: a central cavity (the vestibule), semicircular canals (which open into the vestibule) while the cochlea (a snail-shaped spiral tube). The membranous labyrinth even offers a vestibule which includes two sacs (known as the utriculus and sacculus) connected by a narrow pipe. The utriculus, the larger regarding the two sacs, may be the main organ of vestibular system (which notifies united states in regards to the position and action of this head). Small regarding the two sacs, the sacculus (actually, the little sac) is linked to a membranous pipe inside cochlea containing the organ of Corti. It really is when you look at the organ of Corti which can be situated hair cells, the unique physical receptors for hearing. by Sherman MatlockReport definition

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