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(n) the tiniest level of fluid hefty enough to fall-in a spherical size. See Dining Table at dimension.
(n) a tiny volume of a substance.
(n) Liquid medicine administered in falls.
(v) to-fall in drops.
(v) to-fall from a higher to a diminished destination or place.
(v) To become less, as with quantity, intensity, or volume.
(v) To let autumn by releasing your hands on.
(v) to allow fall-in drops.
(v) resulting in to become less; lower: drop the rate of manufacturing.
(p) fall straight back Football To cool off from type of scrimmage.
(p) fall behind to-fall at the rear of: dropped behind the remainder class during the woman infection.
(p) drop by to cease in for a brief check out.
(i) in the fall of a hat Immediately; straight away: would sign the agreement in the drop of a hat.
(i) during the fall of a hat With just the slightest provocation: prepared to argue at drop of a hat.
(i) fall a dime Slang to create a telephone telephone call, particularly into authorities to tell on or betray somebody.
(v) To neglect to make a catch from a batted baseball that would have lead to the batsman being away.
(v) to dispose (of); beat; to remove; to reduce
(v) to eject; to dismiss; to stop to incorporate, as if on an inventory.
To fall in little portions or globules, as a liquid.
To let falls fall; drip; release in falls.
to-fall; descend; sink to a lowered position or amount.

drop in Community Dictionary

1. To knock anyone to the bottom.2. To shoot/kill some one. by Kristyn FlyReport definition
to simply take Ecstasy orally. by Byron GlascoReport definition
To consume a drug orally, most often acid and ecstacy.To sell medications or even a lesser degree, store product. by EliReport definition
to expend cash on one thing; to acquire anything by Sherman MatlockReport definition
v. 1. To hit some one over, often linked to the first hit in a fight. 2. to blow (usually plenty of) cash; to buy some thing. 3. to discharge an album.n. 1. An expensive car/convertible. (see whip) by Dortha RaoReport definition
The element of a dubstep tune in which it gets therefore incomprehensibly filthy that one are unable to fathom - therefore, people mind explodes. by DarinReport definition

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Starts using gymnast in an inverted hang position, which then can become deep pike utilizing the hips held just above neck degree. Given that human body moves upward, the gymnast draws downward and outward regarding rings to really make the shoulders increase. The rings are after that looked to make the body rise through rings and toward the legs. Once it is attained, the gymnast will drive the bands downward sideways of body, which serves to lower the human body from a pike to a dish, thus doing the motion. by Wynell SaltzReport definition
The activity a player takes after striking the baseball into liquid or into an unplayable lie. Additionally it is done if you're taking relief (from casual water). It's done by extending the supply at neck level and just dropping the baseball to the surface. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
The action associated with the quarterback, while he "drops" to pass the soccer field. This action earns him additional time while he is further from the protective force. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
takes place when the basketball first has experience of the floor after passing throughout the internet, or undergoes an opening with no handled the ground. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition

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  • Synonym for "drop"
    • minim, dismiss, discontinue, forsake, omit
  • Verb Forms for "drop"
    • dropped, dropping, drops
  • Phrases for "drop"
    • drop al-Marri's, drop Phys, ball drop, to drop, AIs drop
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    • Bopp, Pop, atop, bop, chop
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    • Passover, skip, forget, skip over, jump
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    • fall, descent, do drugs, drug, displace
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    • particle, pendant, descent, fall, break
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    • black drop
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    • droplike, dropless
  • Same Context for "drop"
    • fall, shoot, stream, cup, move
  • Variant for "drop"
    • dropped, dropping, gutta
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