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1. The tiny penis of a boy. 2. A grown people's intercourse organ when underdeveloped & ergo of a small, boyish dimensions.Commonly utilized over the Iranianate world (esp. in Persian, Pashto, Kashmiri, Hindustani & Punjabi) & beyond. In reality, this is the source of the English term having the same definition: "doodle", which came into wide use in English just once regular contact with Iran created after the eighteenth century AD.Hence, in Persian one has: "doodool. Your penis (of a child)" ('New Persian-English dictionary', Sulayman Hayyim, Teheran: Librairie-imprimerie Beroukhim, 1934-1936. vol.1, p.1077). Similarly, in Pashto one has: "duduagah, your penis" ( `A dictionary of the Pukhto, Pushto, or language of the Afghans', HG Raverty, London: Williams & Norgate, 1867, p.487). Occasionally abbreviated as "dool", "doodool tala" is a type of name written by Aryan young men off pleasure for their user, meaning "golden penis". In contrast, girls often tell "doodool jokes", making fun regarding the small-size of males' doodools, to be able to embarass all of them, keep them in-line & assert their authority.Traditionally, midwives are known to see numerous doodools: "within my high-school graduation celebration back in Iran, a handsome young divorcee ... draws near myself & whispers, `... My mama ended up being the midwife just who delivered you. She said that after she washed you down, your little red doo-dool rose like a rocket!'" - `Alethophobia.' Manoucher Parvin. Bethesda, Maryland: Ibex, 2007, p.66. by RudyReport definition
clearly a childish word for cock, based on the farsie language. as english we have the word 'pee urine' or 'shot firearm handle' farsie gets the child term for penis, which will be doodool by CassieReport definition
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