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(v) To perform or perform: do one's assigned task; do a number of company discounts.
(v) to execute or execute: do a person's assigned task; do a series of company discounts.
(v) To fulfill what's needed of: performed my responsibility constantly.
(v) To respond or carry out yourself; work: Do as I say and you also will not go into trouble.
(v) for along; fare: students that do well at school.
(v) To act or perform yourself; work: Do when I state and you also don't enter into trouble.
(a) Used with the infinitive without to in questions, bad statements, and inverted expressions: Do you really realize? I did not sleep really. Minimal performed we know what was available for all of us.
(a) Used as a way of emphasis: i wish to be certain.
(a) used in combination with the infinitive without to in concerns, bad statements, and inverted expressions: Do you comprehend? I did not sleep well. Minimal performed we know what was in store for people.
(n) A statement of just what should be done: a list of the 2 and don'ts of management.
(n) Informal An entertainment; a party: attended a huge do in the embassy.
(n) A statement of exactly what should be done: a summary of the 2 and don'ts of administration.
(p) do by To act with regards to; deal with: the youngsters did really by their old moms and dads.
(p) do for To care or provide for; look after.
(p) do in Slang To tire totally; exhaust: The marathon did myself in.
(i) can To prefer to not ever encounter or deal with: i possibly could do without their particular complaints.
(i) do a disappearing act Informal To vanish.
(i) eliminate which will make a conclusion of; remove.
(v) A syntactic marker in concerns.
(v) A syntactic marker in negations.
(v) A syntactic marker for focus.
(a) ditto
(a) ditto
(a) ditto
to place; spot; lay.
to execute; execute; attain; complete; effect by activity or exertion; bring to pass by procedure of any sort: because, he's got nothing to do; to complete a guy's work; to complete errands; to complete good.
to deal with or work regarding (an object) so as to perform or impact the activity required by the nature of the situation: as, to do (transact) business with one; to accomplish (dress) hair; to do (cook) the animal meat thoroughly; to accomplish (visit and see the sights of) a country; do (cut) my beard first; be certain and do (make) the shoes first; to-do (work out) difficulty in arithmetic. Within usage, do is one of extensive of verbs, as it may assert almost any activity.

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sexual intercourse by Lindsey CocklinReport definition
physician of Osteopathic drug - among two types of totally certified physicians in the us, others becoming physicians of allopathic medication (see MD). While exercising traditional medication just like his or her M.D. peers, in addition preserves the capability to perform osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM), generally known as osteopathic manipulative treatment, or method (OMT). A tiny minority of osteopathic doctors use the actual manipulative medication (OMM/OMT). by Letisha GullattReport definition
1: to execute or execute2: To destroy someone3: Hairstyle4: to take part in intimate Intercourse5: appealing Dutch recording singer well know on her behalf vocals in DJ Sammy's address of "Heaven" by Marlys MontanaReport definition
To engage in sexual intercourse. by JodiReport definition

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A leather covering worn across chest by participants in kendo because they take on big bamboo sticks labeled as "shinai". by Wynell SaltzReport definition
The breastplate regularly protect the torso. It also implies the "way" or "path" in a philosophical context. by Wynell SaltzReport definition

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  • Synonym for "do"
    • cause, make, effect, achieve, execute
  • Verb Forms for "do"
    • did, does, doesn't, doing, don't
  • Phrases for "do"
    • do you, to do, What do, can do, do anything
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    • Baku, Blue, Cebu, Chengdu, Chou
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    • appear, practise, improvise, interpret, lead
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    • proceed, go, doctorate, doctor's degree, solfa syllable
  • Cross Reference for "do"
    • to do to death, have done, to do for, to do away, to do up
  • Equivalent for "do"
    • to do one's diligence
  • Same Context for "do"
    • have, know, say, try, go
  • Variant for "do"
    • done, did, ditto
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