What does dicknotize mean?

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to generate an insatiable craving for dick, usually in a woman or "straight" man. by Terrence MaddixReport definition
to place someone (i.e. a crush) under a hypnotic enchantment caused by male genitalia. by Deetta BrinnReport definition
tr.v. dick·no·tized, dick·no·tiz·ing, dick·no·tiz·esA phenomenon that occurs as a result of good, deep dicking. Common medical indications include, but are not limited, to poor view, unreasonable behavior, brief interest span, scarred style feeling, reduced under garments, and a general glassy look in the eyes in conjunction with inane utterances. Truly the only recognized treatment is an excellent, old fashioned bitch/pimp punch administered by a close friend. by Pok CuadraReport definition
using nice expressions, phrases, and terms towards a female for ultimate goal of intercourse. by Selene BunnReport definition
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