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(n) a full time income or synthetic bird or other animal regularly entice game into a trap or within shooting range.
(n) a specific location, particularly a pond, into which wildfowl are lured for capture.
(n) an easy method regularly mislead or lead into danger.
(v) To lure or entrap by or as though by a decoy. See Synonyms at appeal.
(v) to guide into danger by artifice; to entice into a net or snare; to entrap; to insnare; to allure; to entice
(v) to do something or use a decoy.
(v) lure or entrap with or like with a decoy
To lure into a snare; entrap by some allurement or deception: because, to decoy ducks within gunshot; soldiers might decoyed into an ambush.
To allure, entice, or entice, without thought of entrapping.
Synonyms Allure, Lure, Entice(see allure); to snare, insnare, mislead.

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When friends ugly of men or women has a stylish individual accompany them personal occasions to entice the alternative sex. by Rubie MinaReport definition
a bird or a mammal or an imitation of one, utilized by hunters to entice various other birds or mammals. by Sherman MatlockReport definition
When sex in doggy position, withdraw and allow spit to-fall over the partners' straight back. Thinking you have discovered their particular back, they're going to switch, when you can actually launch. Ideally, shoot for the face area. by CaroleReport definition
The one-handed graffiti gangster from mean roads of Redline.Feared by many people as the most elite and cunning of all of the those who apply spray to wall space, he amazes the toys with a seemingly unrepenting sequence of designs and b-boy positions.Whilst numerous see him to be a figure of great relevance and even worship, Decoy keeps it real by showing up cool, collected and calm.He operates the line, Hornsby to North Sydney. Recognise, or meet with the base of his volleys. by Wen WolskiReport definition
In metropolitan driving, it really is that motorist who wants to pass you even more quickly than traffic. If you allow them to get in front of you, that will be what they want, then the police will pull them over initially. by Lashawna PierpontReport definition
An attractive girl younger then you. by Wen WolskiReport definition

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