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(a) somewhat damp. See Synonyms at wet.
(a) Archaic Dejected.
(a) Being in circumstances between dried out and wet; mildly wet; damp.
(n) dampness floating around; humidity.
(n) Foul or poisonous fuel that often pollutes the atmosphere in coal mines.
(n) Lowness of spirits; despair.
(v) In order to make damp or damp; moisten.
(v) To extinguish (a fire, including) by cutting-off environment.
(v) To restrain or always check; discourage.
(p) damp off Botany becoming affected by damping-off.
(v) To dampen; to make wet; to dampen; to help make humid, or mildly damp; as, to wet fabric.
(v) to place away, as fire; to depress or deject; to deaden; to cloud; to check on or restrain, as action or vigor; to create lifeless; to weaken; to discourage.
(v) To suppress oscillations (mechanical) or oscillations (electrical) by changing power to heat (or other type of power).
(v) To render wet; to moisten; in order to make humid, or mildly damp; to dampen.
(v) To put aside, as fire; to depress or deject; to deaden; to cloud; to test or restrain, as activity or vitality; to create lifeless; to deteriorate; to discourage.
Moist; humid; reasonably wet: because, a damp cloth; moist atmosphere.
Dejected; despondent.

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Acronym for Drink Assisted Memory PurgeUsing drink / alcoholic beverages to wipe your memory of a terrible few days or perhaps in anticipation of a "heavy night" when you fully have a much no recollection of what you got up to.Purge: to clear of ethical or ceremonial defilement by Exie GardReport definition
lifeless, a thing that is extremely awesome. Copywrited by wet Crew :) by Elsy BareReport definition
DAMP (dam-p) (adjective) - 1.) triflin, boo-boo, not good. 2.) T Wag-41 by MelanyReport definition
Another term for vagina by Sherman MatlockReport definition
another term for "cool" or "awesome" by RudyReport definition
Means "very cool" or "awesome" also "pimp" by CristiReport definition
When one thing's slightly damp although not to moist & somewhat dry yet not to dry. by ErnestReport definition

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  • Sentence for "damp"
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  • Synonym for "damp"
    • moisture, humidity, fog, fogginess, vapor
  • Verb Forms for "damp"
    • damped, damping, dampness, damps
  • Phrases for "damp"
    • perennially damp, skirts damp, damp cloth, damp straw, damp conditions
  • Rhyme for "damp"
    • Camp, Champ, amp, clamp, cramp
  • Hypernym for "damp"
    • soften, break, dampen, weaken, control
  • Cross Reference for "damp"
    • damped vibration, the damps, Word formation verb -en noun -ness
  • Equivalent for "damp"
    • wet
  • Form for "damp"
    • dampen, dampness, chokedamp, damp sheet, firedamp
  • Same Context for "damp"
    • wet, moist, sodden, dusty, snowy
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