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(n) A body this is certainly issued a charter acknowledging it as an independent appropriate entity featuring its own liberties, privileges, and debts distinct from those of their people.
(n) These types of a body made for functions of federal government. Also called body corporate.
(n) A group of individuals combined into or acting together body.

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A fascist regime that's permitted to occur within a democratic culture. by Ling LaidlawReport definition
A collection of individuals who hate both, working on their own to death to help make someone else rich. by PatrickReport definition
Entity that may, and often does, abuse its workers, investors, and customers. Led by individuals called professionals, just who worry just about golfing, porking one another's trophy spouses, and lining their pockets. by Elsy BareReport definition
the actual controllers around the globe. with no its not merely The united states. Cash manages every little thing. take control of a countries economic climate, u virtually would be the king. by IoneReport definition
complete ownage of there was including your brain as well as your life. All base are participate in us. And there is absolutely nothing you or someone else may do. by Nilsa BogardReport definition
Something that does not really should be greedy, but in reality, is.CEOs in the usa make large number of times more than their workers. In Britain, they only make about six times the maximum amount of.See that CD you merely bought for $15? It cost about 1 cent to really make it. Simply how much does the singer get? About 50 cents or less per CD. Just how much switches into the laborers that made the CD? Really, simply because it was either made by devices or minimum-wage employees (to gather the outcome), the electricity/labor price per CD is probably 5-10 dollars. Let's round up and say it's a buck total. So where's the remainder get? Into the corporation.The Rock Against Bush CD cost $7 (in the event that you purchase it directly through the producer). Which is less than half the price of an average CD. That shows that it is feasible having low priced CDs.An perfect corporation always leaves its employees before its executive office and constantly leaves its customers before its profit. But definitely, not one for this takes place. We come across men and women get let go so your exectuive's stock can move up a half of a spot. We see products that cost a dollar which will make being sold for twenty. We come across all of them exploiting the kids of third-world countries.Don't provide me crap regarding how they desire the task. It's exploiting, whether or not they need it or otherwise not. Since when do Americans deserve even more legal rights than Africans or Chinese?Oh, and corporations essentially possess government and media in its pocket. Corporations purchase the presidency through donations. Enron donated $114,752 towards Republicans and $102,050 towards Democrats. Then, once they're elected, the do regardless of the company wishes. Oh, and control the news too. Microsoft settings NBC, Fox controls Fox development, etc. Liberal news my butt. It isn't a liberal news, it's not a conservative news. It's a profiteer media. Meaning, something that are certain to get them a revenue, they are going to report. by LonReport definition
An entity that continues to be absolve to continue to do since it damn well pleases after being convicted of criminal activity that could were a capital offense if someone had committed it. by Abbie KoepkeReport definition

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