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(a) Of, regarding, supporting, or advocating communism.
(a) Of, relating to, supporting, or advocating communism.
(n) An advocate of a society based on the common ownership of home; a proponent of communism.
(n) Any revolutionary or subversive radical.
(n) An advocate of a society in line with the typical ownership of home; a proponent of communism.

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a person who thinks that if you take residential property rights away, they might change society. Person who wishes modification at the cost of specific freedom. by AlainaReport definition
A title utilized by members of the political party this is the furthest to the left. A communist feels that the ways production in addition to fruits of production is had and issued to the workers. (Ex. Factory employees making snow-globes should jointly have the factory and obtain most of the make money from the snow-globes which are sold, then divided equitably among the workers). The philosophy of communism arose from a man known as Karl Marx who lived in the monarchist Germany in the mid-1800s. Europe was residence to numerous unfair societies during the time, in which there have been several rich, (the bourgeoisie) in addition to rest of community had been poor, abused, laborers. Karl Marx advocated destroying the rich aristocracy in favor a country full of just laborers just who governed themselves and every person was equal, socially and economically. by Harvey MaudlinReport definition
1.) somebody who believes that all home must certanly be collectively possessed by the people2.) All communists are atheists yet not all atheists are communists by Luci ShelorReport definition
exactly how old individuals in Alabama and perhaps various other south says insult younger individuals. by GeraldoReport definition
A great idea... On paper. The communist party could be the concept of everything becoming had by the entire neighborhood and there becoming no social courses. However, this does indeedn't work since no-one has actually anything to benefit, there isn't any particular entertainment method because we have all assigned jobs, and a feeling of hopelessness. by Pearlie ParnellReport definition
some one whose mother never taught him that cash doesn't develop on trees. by EltonReport definition

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