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(n) A protective case of silk or similar fibrous material spun by the larvae of moths and other insects that serves as a covering for his or her pupal phase.
(n) A similar normal defensive covering or structure, like the egg case of a spider.
(n) A protective plastic finish that is put over stored armed forces or naval gear.
(v) To envelop in or as though in a cocoon, for protection from a harsh or unfriendly environment.
(v) To escape just as if into a cocoon, in terms of protection from a harsh or unfriendly environment.
(v) To envelop in a protective case, or to withdraw into these types of an incident.
(v) refuge as if into a cocoon, since from an unfriendly environment
(v) place in or just as if in a cocoon, as for defense
To form a cocoon.
To cover like in a cocoon.

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A thin silk addressing secreted by larval honey bees within their cells in preparation for pupation. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition

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understand meaning for Ninigger by Valery FavoriteReport definition
A heart breaking tune, written by singer/songwriter Jack Johnson. Featured as track 14 on their album On and On.Cocoon tells the storyline of a guy whom seems that a break-up with his considerable other keeps growing closer and closer. He understands that it is coming, in which he seems that if it is more than, he simply wishes it to be over therefore the healing can begin. Physically, I believe it illustrates the scene from a person who truly cares the girl, and only wishes her to-be happy... even though it means crushing their own emotions. by Elsy BareReport definition
sex in a hammock or other cocoon formed object by Homer MoretReport definition
The intimate act of one guy becoming sandwiched between two nude obese women in such a manner that only their face, nostrils and/or mouth is revealed. by BulahReport definition

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