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(n) Any of numerous bivalve mollusks regarding the family members Cardiidae, having rounded or heart-shaped shells with radiating ribs.
(n) The shell of a cockle.
(n) A wrinkle; a pucker.
(v) To become or trigger to be wrinkled or puckered.
(v) To cause to contract into wrinkles or ridges, as some forms of fabric after a wetting.
(i) cockles of (one's) heart a person's innermost feelings: The valentine warmed the cockles of my heart.
(v) To wrinkle, pucker
(v) to collect something into little lines and wrinkles or folds
(v) stir-up (liquid) so as to develop ripples
To pucker or contract into wrinkles, as fabric or cup.
to go up into regular ridges, since the waves of a chopping sea.
to create hook score on the cogs or teeth of a mill, as helpful information for cutting off their particular finishes, so your whole are offered a really circular form.

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In cash terms, the term cockle implies £10.00. Cockney rhyming slang found in London - Cockle Cock and Hen = 10 by Ian HaoReport definition
A refrence to the ventricles of heart. Frequently whenever explaining an excellent liquor. by Keiko ThrashReport definition
substitute for mate/darling found in north-west England. Selection of cocker by JohnieReport definition
whenever your fucking a woman and also you skip and she gets pissed and walks away. by BrigidaReport definition
The wobbly fat hanging from ones chin be it an animal or human. by ArnoldoReport definition

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    • cockleshell, cockleshell, oast, oast, false wheat
  • Verb Forms for "cockle"
    • cockled, cockles, cockling
  • Rhyme for "cockle"
    • debacle, debacle, gonococcal, gonococcal, mochel
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    • scrunch, wrinkle, crinkle, crisp, crisp
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    • cow-cockle, cow-cockle, cockles of the heart, cockles of the heart, hot cockles
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    • cockled, cockled, cockling, cockling, warm the cockles of one's heart
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    • periwinkle, periwinkle, mussel, mussel, shellfish
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