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people who are a mix between Clubbers and Townies (Cl + ownies). Generally speaking unintelligent, unambitious, and violent whenever drunk, which will be a really bad thing since number of their waking hours tend to be invested sober. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
also referred to as Ratkids.Refers to a small selection of anti social town dwellers that dress yourself in an easy method which a little resembles that a clown. They just take other peoples unique qualitys and simply take all of them as their own, claiming becoming "scene kids" whenever that simply shows that they are stealing various other peoples scenes and identities.How to identify all of them:They often flock around general public family locations particularly; time clock towers, parks, shopping centers, toyshops, canals and drive the great familys away.They love inexpensive locks dye, inexpensive cider, cheap ciggarettes and fundamentally any such thing cheap.They additionally infest social media web sites eg myspace, facebook and bebo usuing what they consider is clever brands that involve aliteration or rhymes (some dont have of these consequently they are just stupid)...Here tend to be examples of namesChloeCalamaty/CLOHOE/ChloeChaos. (This specimen held changing the woman title to more rediculous phrases)SamiSabotageDropDeadDezKimmyCakesJoshMoshAlexAnonymous.The record goes on by Brigida HartnettReport definition
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