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(n) some of different bugs of the household Cicadidae, having an easy mind, membranous wings, as well as in a man a couple of resonating body organs that create a characteristic high-pitched, droning noise. Also referred to as cicala.
(n) any of a number of insects for the purchase Hemiptera, suborder Auchenorrhyncha, with little eyes large apart regarding the head and transparent well-veined wings.
(n) Any types of the genus Cicada or regarding the family members Cicadidae. These are generally big hemipterous bugs, with almost transparent wings. A man tends to make a shrill sound by strange organs when you look at the under region of the abdomen, comprising a set of stretched membranes, applied by powerful muscle tissue. A noted American types (Cicada septendecim) is named the seventeen year locust. Another common species may be the dogday cicada.

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The insect that can produce the worst noise previously. They truly are however, notorious for being bad flyers. by BradReport definition
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an internet message boards legend. by Darleen ZawislakReport definition
An insect which happens once every 17 years to have some poon-tang. Loud and unsightly. Dies right after gettin' some. by Verla PauloReport definition
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A locust-type pest very typical in southern US. Some types do hibernate for seventeen many years, but not all. They create a tremendously noisy screeching noise notably similar to the noise of crickets but even more annoying. They typically remain all summer. They've been awfully clumsy fliers; I've had a number of fly into my head. by DarlenaReport definition
a delicious delicacy usually violently lost and killed by rude individuals, once they could feed the hungry.very good in brownies ;-) by AdalineReport definition

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  • Sentence for "cicada"
  • Synonym for "cicada"
    • cicala
  • Rhyme for "cicada"
    • Ada, Beda, Breda, Grenada, Halimeda
  • Hyponym for "cicada"
    • seventeen year locust, dogday cicada
  • Cross Reference for "cicada"
    • large dog-day cicada, locust, cricket, grasshopper
  • Same Context for "cicada"
    • grasshopper, locust, cricket, chrysalis, cicadae
  • Variant for "cicada"
    • cicadae
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