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1. A persocom especially intended to become 2nd daughter of a scientist's family. Her real name is Elda. She lost her memory after her dying older sibling, Freya, additionally a persocom, setup the woman memories into this lady. Her parents hid her away, by a pile of garbage, hoping someone would find the girl. She ended up being found by Hideki Motosuwa. When she awoken, the one and only thing she could state had been, "Chii." And that is how she received that name. by Yvonne MerrowReport definition
Biggest affro guy around that's a ganja master of the world by Nell LerchReport definition
A sound responding to anything surprising, scary, or strange. Have significantly more than two "i", depending on the scenario, or even the level of the discussed feelings. by Dannie ShahidReport definition
a very adorable chobit, includes a promotional package of hugs and noises that go 'chii...'when she satisfies some she really loves she becomes huge and nasty =p, really not exactly... by CesarReport definition
1. To put a heavy item in a fit of trend, specifically a monitor.2. To act violently by DemarcusReport definition
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