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A cheuchter is simply one from anywhere in Scotland approximately north associated with Central Belt. Seen by some a really slightly derogatory, it is not really as a huge number of Lowland Scots is going to be descended from Cheuchter stock. Ask a foreigner to picture an archetypal Scot, and they're going to probably are considering a cheuchter - a big, sturdy possibly ginger chap or a naturally pretty woman with a poetic lilt within their sound, and naturally they'll use Scots in place of English terms. They'd never have a girlfriend named 'Moistie' and would not use estuary English such as 'me gob' - has Caz ever before found a cheuchter? BTW i am a Lowland Scot, from Glasgow by Terrence MaddixReport definition
A scottish man with brown tresses, blue-eyes that drives a VW Golf called Alex. also referred to as bampot or Toaley mind and calls their chicks 'Moistie'. ........hmmmn good! by AshaReport definition
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