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Nasty twat by Anneliese ByrumReport definition
A chanch is a hairy *vag*. by Ivory IbrahimReport definition
The art of blacking away. Getting also drunk which you drift off on fraternity restroom floors, pee the sleep while you are sleeping, fall backwards into a bush, glazed over eyes, chug water from a beer container, won't go back home, get taken house from a social event as a senior, puke in a dunkin donuts case, going where frogs go, cook premium foods entirely hammered and NAKED, and a whole lot. by Pearlie ParnellReport definition
A hairy vagina.i understand the creators of term it had been built in a health class. by GeneviveReport definition
an inexpensive brand. can also reference somebody who is low priced and only purchases bad quality stuff. by Jennie MylesReport definition
The combination of farm dressing and Cholula hot sauce. by MandyReport definition
the smell one produces by perhaps not showering for 4 or higher months. by Idella WhippleReport definition
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