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(n) A dialectal variant of connection.

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To unconsciously destroy, remove or make a clumsy catastrophic error. Usually utilized as a word in vain. by Marcene MaysonetReport definition
The gurgling in your stomach when coping with douchebag, sleazy landlords or business people. May occur at pubs whenever surrounded by guys in Aflliction and Ed Hardy t-shirts. by BulahReport definition
an imaginative, amusing person with a bubbly character. by Idella WhippleReport definition
The work of following up meals with another meal/snack. The initial dinner consumed was a plentiful number of (a/many) distinct food(s), accompanied by a feeling of pushing maximum belly ability.Usually, burging is made of no purpose at all, but might occur so that you can replace the leftover flavor when you look at the lips. by GilmaReport definition
Verb: to pour, particularly an alcoholic drink. Also, to break, shatter, demolish. Additionally, to create a couch on fire. by Abbie KoepkeReport definition
obtained from the surname Burgess, a common slut across the regional city of Newcastle in Australia.This term, BURGE, can be utilized as a susbtitute the word VAGINA, or any one of its slang alternatives. by Alease MeunierReport definition
noun, is on tour with a musical or performing group, the entire process of becoming on trip with such an organization. Usually spoken or printed in the pejorative. by Danelle CuddyReport definition

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