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when you attend burp and in actual fact barf just a little. Cannot actually vomit, only get only a little flavor within throat. by Sol JermanReport definition
Relating to my 3 yr old girl, who came up with this word, it is what are the results once you burp and barf somewhat in addition. by YoshikoReport definition
A disgusting and nauseating fart, generally consisting of egg-like odors with a hint of shit. Constantly silent, but deadly. by AureliaReport definition
The work of expelling an exceptionally acrid and hefty fart that feels hot in heat, making just a slight "bfffff" sound while the sour fumes renders the rectal cavity. Even more dangerous and bitter than the average silent fart. by Evon AburtoReport definition
a combination between a burp and barf by DamienReport definition
An after dinner shock where you expect a fantastic burp but-end with somewhat barf making its way-up your esophagus thus leaving you with this awful burning feeling. (Burp + Barf = Burf) by Dave DibenedettoReport definition
The act of being born in da' ghetto by NamReport definition
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