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(n) something which is held.
(n) Something that is emotionally hard to bear.
(n) A source of great worry or stress; weight: The burden of financial give up rests regarding employees regarding the plant.
(v) To consider down; oppress.
(v) To weight or overload.
(v) To encumber with weight (literal or figurative); to lay huge load upon; to load.
(v) To encumber with a weight (in virtually any of the noun sensory faculties associated with term).
(v) body weight down with a lot
(v) impose a job upon, assign a responsibility to
To load; lay a heavy load on; encumber with weight.
Hence Figuratively, to load; oppress with everything that is borne with trouble or trouble; surcharge: because, to burden a nation with fees; to burden the memory with details.
To lay or impose upon one, as a lot, burden, or fee.

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phrase used when anything does not go right for you. by Brigida HartnettReport definition
to position lots upon by Lajuana BoulterReport definition
To pull, pull, damage and anchor and break everyonees lives, Notoriously known for damaging eveeryones lifeMaster I.o.u'sSynonym : Sebastian fournier, leech, anchors, burden culture, scum, dust by Wynell SaltzReport definition
Noun. A thing that weighs you down. Often a worry or a sore point you do not share with good friends or orangutangs. You can even be an encumbrance on someone else when you attempt to discuss your issues and worries to another person. by EltonReport definition
A ginger demon, recognized to stalk the realms of Gears of War.Loves beastiality and consuming babies! by MaxwellReport definition

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    • load, birth, overload, oppress, encumber
  • Verb Forms for "burden"
    • burdened, burdening, burdens
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    • undue burden, heavy burden, heavy burden, tax burden, tax burden
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    • Verdun, burdon, overburden, unburden
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    • idea, thought, significance, signification, import
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    • capacity, charged, oppress, to bear a burden, burden of proof
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    • beast of burden, burdensome
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    • responsibility, consequence, misery, weight, danger
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