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To screw some thing up. Can be used in place of any unnamed male homosexual task. by HertaReport definition
Adj or Noun - to spell it out someone who has issues with talking the reality, an individual who feels in lies; a person who simply likes to argue his point even if he's wrong and making an ass of himself. by Evalyn SegarsReport definition
1. (v)to intervene whenever others are doing a beneficial task and thru your actions end in the work being done exceptionally poor.2. (v)to completely miss out the point and result in failure.3. (v)to, in a professional setting, take twice the time, twice the money and twice the resources to do a job half as good as a novice's first attempt.4. (v)to blunder with extreme ignorance.5. (v)to fail, but claim triumph.6. (v)to walk away from or abandon adversity.7. (v) to fail, get an opportunity to correct failure, then try to simply achieve initial failure. by Yessenia MitraReport definition
Eg. 'Burching it.'When you shag up therefore poorly which you can not even begin to understand what you did incorrect. by Avelina LonginoReport definition
Noun. one who exhibits certain lofty traits of Mark Burchett.Verb. To dedicate an act that exemplifies whatever Mark "Burch" Burchett considers typical. I.e. bragging about obtaining the sharpest pencil in course. Or keeping track of your industry objective portion in beer pong. by EltonReport definition
drawing straight down someones 2-liter with complete disregard of these wanting to ever drink out-of that container again. Frequently confused with a holke- one who normally just sucks along the 2 liters but leaves excess beard-hair from the orifice associated with the container. by Danae VanallenReport definition
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