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A pre-college type of hipster; a kind of “beta-hipster” who is nonetheless in high school and does not stay by himself or herself. Become a genuine burbster you have to go to an exclusive senior high school. Other pupils frequently refer to burbsters as “artsy” and students who aren't beta-hipsters will try to imitate what sort of ideal burbster everyday lives. Real beta-hipsters take part in Open Mics, in which they read poetry or play electric guitar; serve on the boards of the school’s prestigious literary mags, pay attention to semi-obscure indie bands and are also typically considered nerds while they involve some level of affinity for science-fiction or reading. False beta-hipsters lack the intellectual side of the equation, but embrace similar varieties of music and dress—impostors are interested in the truth that imitating the tastes they believe burbsters have is likely to make all of them seen smart. Impostors are preoccupied by paperwork and fill their particular Twitter pages with photographs of these standing in areas with sunflowers, while those who are genuine don't wish to relentlessly categorize and record their everyday lives. Real burbsters often gravitate toward J.Crew, while fake ones store at American Apparel and Urban Outfitters. In a variety of ways the burbster is the antithesis associated with old “alpha” hipster, who's obsessed with attracting awareness of their actions, and people who copy the beta-hipster are (ideally) the last breathing associated with old hipster. by Vera AnkneyReport definition
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