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(n) A gurgling or bubbling sound, as of running liquid.
(n) an immediate, excited circulation of message.
(n) A separation in the boundary layer of fluid about a moving streamlined body, like the wing of an airplane, causing a breakdown when you look at the smooth flow of substance and leading to turbulence.
(v) To bubble; gurgle.
(v) To talk quickly and excitedly; gush.
(v) To bubble; gurgle.
(v) To bubble; to gurgle.
(v) To babble; To speak in an excited dash.
(v) to to help make a burbling noise; -- utilized of liquid, especially brooks.
To bubble; gush.
To welter.
To bubble; gush.

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Its a four (4) Legged mechanical item, aka, a robot... But with FOUR (4) Legs.Or, it may indicate, an insult of somesort... you should be smart and play along, it's going to make individuals laugh. by Idella WhippleReport definition
Burble - to chat arbitrary codshite/inanities/word puns and organizations by Jenny NicolosiReport definition
when you've got leftover chicken and you also go on it home. by CaronReport definition
After a notion or perfect is shot down; basically whenever a person's 'bubble is burst'. The designers are well conscious that burble normally a synonymn for 'bubbling', 'babbling', or 'gurgling', but think, as so many words have actually numerous meanings, 'burble' is powerful adequate to uphold a fresh meaning. by Shaunda PugliaReport definition
A large drifting balloon covered in lots of smaller balloons with lights that modification. First seen in the Phish- Festival 8. by BulahReport definition
(letter) Proper term for a really gooey resonating fart. Usually this may simply be perpetrated by some body whith a really craggy behind. Or somebody who is sitting in something which is squishy and pliable like a bean case. The noise's hilarity is just coordinated because of the odor which often has the aroma of vomit. by Sherrill WhittemoreReport definition
Despite various other harsh meanings, in the fight game of Dagorhir, within the Empire of Mirkwood, Burble could be an extremely nice woman. During a tournament for assassins at Dagorhir's yearly gathering Ragnarok, the Mirkwood fighters put down as an envoy for youthful girl, to safeguard the lady from several potential killers, who, unfortunately, did not also succeed past Mordor. And so, Burble became immortal, also revered, given that entirety of this Mirkwoodian Family stood to guard among their particular. by ArnoldoReport definition

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  • Sentence for "burble"
    • Thane's burble is short on something:…
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  • Synonym for "burble"
    • ripple, babble, guggle, bubble, gurgle
  • Verb Forms for "burble"
    • burbled, burbles, burbling
  • Phrases for "burble"
    • burble up
  • Rhyme for "burble"
    • herbal, nonverbal, verbal
  • Hypernym for "burble"
    • sound, go
  • Same Context for "burble"
    • 'normal, pipe-dream, holloa, school-life, drumlike
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