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(n) a light gabardine raincoat of this kind created by Burberry's of London.
(n) a lightweight belted raincoat typically manufactured from tan gabardine with a distinctive tartan liner; named when it comes to original maker
(n) a light gabardine raincoat associated with kind created by Burberry's of London.

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Twat tartan for twats. Items of clothes particularly caps that chavs must use at a forty degree position for their minds. Are reffered to as "chavberry". by Roseanne ZiolkowskiReport definition
Burberry could be the maker of a wonderful double breasted trench coat that comes in Blue, Navy Blue, Ebony, and of course, Beigethey have a tendency to found in the fingers worldwide's miscreants: start to see the entries underpikies, townies] and neds].The thing that makes Burberry far-out would be that they are found on the backs or at least into the closets of the world's gorgeous to MOST STRIKING ladies who understand specifically how-to put on their Burberry prize... by Rocco AndresReport definition
tartan for tossers by BobbieReport definition
Tartan for twats. Disgusting brown check-patterned clobber worn by tasteless morons (see townie) who inhabit shabby provincial towns like Staines, Basingstoke, and Plymouth, listen to mind-numbing dance/garridge/rap songs, and loaf around shopping centres in categories of about 27 (like their idols, Blazin' Squad) so that they can safely beat-up and rob anyone sporting long hair, jeans, and a Nirvana t-shirt "cos they're queer, innit!" Many members of the 'burberry massive' (no matter intercourse) wear an affordable imitation type of burberry purchased at the neighborhood market for a fiver - if its the genuine article, you understand its already been taken! The most common kind of burberry clothing donned by the male for the types is a hideous brown-checked baseball cap, worn at a pointed 45-degree perspective, built to facilitate the headbutting of lamp posts/students/goths, also allowing them to see where they truly are going when walking with regards to minds dealing with a floor (to permit the simple release of gum, phlegm, and/or3 litres of White Lightening cider. In other words, a dole monkey's jail blues!!! by Shanae SinglerReport definition
A way of pinpointing if somebody is an entire wanker without knowing them. If a person is putting on a burberry limit you'll be able to be 100per cent particular they're a fucking wanker. by MelanyReport definition
Burberry is a brand of clothing, typically worn by chavs. Burberry makes use of the tartan appearance. Burberry started out into the mid 1850s as designer wear for the upper-class but in the present age it is not donned by chavs which is meerly middle-income group. Burberry features a large hate for chavs and trys not to ever sell their products or services for them. Burberry the truth is on chavs is normally counterfeited and Burberry is a tough working business, but fucking chavs spoilt it! Fucking dickheads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by JeffereyReport definition
Burberry have fine Brit Tailoring, with exquisite pret-a-porter and couture choices, and became popular through their particular rain coats and suits all over switch on the century. Unfornately it really is commonly assoitated with chavs kevs slappers sharons therefore the basic Uk reduced class, becuase the chavs have adopted its trademark tartan as their uniform. by RonnieReport definition

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