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(a) having or showing courage; valiant.
(a) Making a fine display; impressive or showy: "a coat of courageous purple lip stick on a mouth so wrinkled that it did not have a clear outline” ( Anne Tyler).
(a) Excellent; great: "The Romans had been like brothers/In the brave days of old” ( Thomas Macaulay).
(n) A Native United States warrior.
(n) A courageous individual.
(n) Archaic A bully.
(v) To undergo or face courageously.
(v) To challenge; dare: "Together they might brave Satan and all sorts of their legions” ( Emily Brontë).
(v) Obsolete to help make showy or splendid.
(v) Archaic which will make a courageous program or put up a stalwart front.
(v) Archaic to help make a courageous show or post a stalwart front.
(v) to come across with nerve and fortitude, to defy.
(v) To decorate; to produce good or showy.
(v) face and withstand with nerve
having or exhibiting nerve or courageous endurancel intrepid; valiant; fearless: because, a brave warrior; a brave work; he was courageous under calamity.
Making a superb screen in bearing, gown, or appearance generally speaking; having a noble mien: stated of individuals.
Splendid; gorgeous; gorgeous; gaudy: said of things.

brave in Community Dictionary

To come out in assistance for some thing only after most other people are in help for that ditto. by Marlys MontanaReport definition
to have a look at your biggest concern and face it inside attention. There are numerous definitions and lots of instances. WWhatt can be a challenge to one person is unimpressive and simply overcome by another. by DeloraReport definition
that is a word accustomed explain somebody who will risk injury and struggling to guard their very own beliefs, or to protect another individual. by HankReport definition
being courageous will be able to over come a fear. It may be anything for different people. Someone could possibly be scared of levels, as well as wish get over it that might be a brave move for them. A wanna be thug could have a fear of standing up to a genuine thug whom takes his money from him so getting a gun and shooting him may be the answer. An individual might feel brave by winning a street race. This will depend on someone's fears. by Darleen ZawislakReport definition
Adj.: cool; like 'tight' or 'awesome' by Dane AlgarinReport definition

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  • Sentence for "brave"
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  • Synonym for "brave"
    • intrepid, dauntless, valiant, courageous, valorous
  • Antonym for "brave"
    • cowardly, mean, weak
  • Verb Forms for "brave"
    • braved, bravely, braves, braving
  • Phrases for "brave"
    • brave souls, brave Romanians, brave Americans, brave veterans, brave Afghanis
  • Rhyme for "brave"
    • Dave, Wave, aftershave, behave, cave
  • Hypernym for "brave"
    • withstand, hold, defy, holdup, warrior
  • Cross Reference for "brave"
    • excellent, showy, to brave out
  • Equivalent for "brave"
    • colourful, colorful, stalwart, lion-hearted, mettlesome
  • Form for "brave"
    • bravure, bravery, bravely
  • Same Context for "brave"
    • gallant, honest, bold, courageous, young
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