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The word utilized by a black man before he shoots you with an Uzi!! by Bryce GeronimoReport definition
the sound of a dirtbike , sled, or just about any other engien with expantion pipeline the exauhst system.BR-RA-AA-AP it's also a film, depicting stunts on snowmobiles. by Carmella HuckinsReport definition
1. n. The noise created by an off roadway bike. 2. v. To ride an off roadway motorcycle, particularly with aggression3. v. To do any activity in a poised, powerful way by CristiReport definition
Adj. An audio of elation, similar to the revving of an engine in a dirtbike/quad. Usually made use of after achieving a level or making a badass play in an activity. Sometimes additionally used when discussing any type of vehicle with a powerful, winding engine. See additionally go burls. BackgroundOriginally exclusive to dirtbike/ATV cyclists, the expression "BRAAAAPP!" is now extensive around the world. People genuinely believe that the custom started a long time back when Malcom ----- was interviewed after their very first motocross win . Stoked up about his success, Malcom described his final change using the noise created by his dirtbike, exclaiming "BRAAAPP!!!!" in a gleeful way. It's because already been acquired by many people around the globe and is now a strong adjective in today's society. by Jenny NicolosiReport definition
A noise which made with the lips refering towards noise of a dirtbike engine. Preferably a 2 stroke by NelsonReport definition
keyword applied to a typical foundation by Stewart Simmonds from Basingstoke by Evalyn SegarsReport definition
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