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(n) Sports fundamental or advanced climbing done on reasonably little rocks which can be traversed without great chance of actual harm in the event of a fall.
(n) Climbing, without ropes, on big boulders or boulder-sized things.
(v) provide participle of boulder.

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A type of rock-climbing that started when a group of drunk guys camping bet each other they are able ton't get on top of a boulder. by JohnieReport definition
just the absolute most gangsta recreation within the entire world. Duh.Basicly, climbing on top of huge rocks. Truly huge rocks are called highballs. Therefore don't climb a boulder; you "send" it.The best part about it is the fact that all you have to is a chalkbag(Prefarably filled), climbing shoes and an accident pad. If you're thrifty all under $200 bucks--and they past forever. by FranceneReport definition
A sexual work relating to the passage through of feces between several peoples mouths. by Isabelle MusanteReport definition
referring particularly to putting on underwear with shaved testicles. by Brandi CoupeReport definition
Sport originally produced by recreation climbing, consisting simply speaking sequences of "moves" (motions associated with hands permitting the human body to-be moved up a climbing wall, a rock boulder and/or a residence wall) that requires huge levels of strenght on forearms & hands, and differing unique tecniques. This series is usually called a "problem". The climber is not roped, and also the just security allowed is a thick foam mattress labeled as "crashpad". Bouldering dilemmas hardly ever increase than a few yards over the floor. "resolving" a problems usually causes to help make not likely motions, like "pinching" a hold along with your heels, or actually leaping from hold to keep (doing a "dyno"). Style is important, but what really matters would be to achieve the past hold (the "top")Bouldering originated into the 60's in France as well as in Ca (by John Gill, the "human fly") as a pastime for bored rock climbers in off-season. In the 90's, however, the development of indoor climbing wall space (usually do-it-yourself) and mountain climbing gyms has made bouldering favored by the urban / hip-hop audience, transforming it - in France and British - in a "trademark" sport like skateboarding. Part of the rise in popularity of bouldering is due to the fact that it really is becoming very cheap - the thing you want is a set of climbing footwear (together with crashpad if you're bouldering outside).There's a lively competition circuit throughout the world, and nowadays there are bouldering web sites (usually easy concrete walls) very nearly in just about every town of the world. Actually, bouldering is currently much more a urban sport than a backyard task. by LatrinaReport definition
The sexual act when a female, whilst offering a great blowjob, uses her tits to stimulate the recipient's testicle(s). by Lindsey CocklinReport definition
The work of no-cost climbing large boulders without ropes and harnesses. by NikoleReport definition

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