What does borged mean?

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adj; becoming exceedingly stoned by Linette HaslerReport definition
The act of some type of computer and/or host being slowed up to the stage of nearly crashing. by DemarcusReport definition
verb.when someone gets unconsensually assaultedin halowhen some one gets beaten down by Eugenio DoyalReport definition
excessive*obessive preoccupation with electrical devices.i.e. Cell phones by DevonaReport definition
becoming assimilated to the collective by something in order to forcibly simply take anything of yours... could possibly be your pc, clan, freedom, money, effort, technological and biological distinctiveness, or your soul.... but you will know if you have already been borged.you have now been warned..... by JoseReport definition
The work of assimilating someone else's software designs, some ideas, tradition, and implementations and passing all of them down as your very own. (Some non-geeks could possibly call it Copyright Enfingement... nonetheless they're perhaps not Star Trek followers. by Irmgard CaponeReport definition
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