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Black Out Jack OffThe art of jacking down while blacked the fuck out by CaronReport definition
A slang title for London gran Boris Johnson, taking the first two letters of their very first and surnames and incorporating them. by Cyrstal VarneyReport definition
A hot chick that is therefore crazy you are Better Off Jerking Off...bojo. by Helene InouyeReport definition
A Bojo is a bicycle, specifially a public-access bike, sponsored by Barclays Bank in London. It's primarily blue, and has now insufficient panniers. In December 2010, Bojos became available for informal use.They simply take their particular title from BOris JOhnson, Mayor of London when they were introduced, and an advocate of biking usually.NB The Mayor of London is emphatically perhaps not god Mayor associated with the City of London. by YoshikoReport definition
Bone Jockey becomes a widely well-known insult around 2014, after that be shortened to "BoJo" in 2015. by Michelina BurchfieldReport definition
a person who is stupid or does something stupid, i.e. utilizing a hover board on water. by Rubie MinaReport definition
A man who is clearly perfection, who nobody could ever live up to or compare themselves to, a man who simply is a sex God who will put any man to shame, because he is so sexy & always will be. Plus he's a LAD, it's Boris Johnson... by GeneviveReport definition
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