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(v) to carry accountable.
(v) locate fault with; censure.
(v) to position responsibility for (something): blamed the crisis on bad preparation.
(n) The state to be accountable for a fault or error; culpability.
(n) Censure; condemnation.
(n) Censure.
(i) to blame Deserving censure; responsible.
(i) the culprit becoming the reason or way to obtain one thing: A freak storm would be to blame for the power outage.
(v) To censure (some body or something like that); to criticize.
(v) to create into disrepute.
(v) to say or give consideration to that some one may be the reason behind some thing unfavorable; to place fault, to attribute duty (for one thing bad and for doing some thing unfavorable).
to convey disapprobation of; discover fault with; censure: opposed to praise or commend.
Formerly it may be followed by of.
To charge; impute as a fault; lay the duty of: as, he blames the failure on you.
(a) expletives utilized informally as intensifiers

blame in Community Dictionary

a thing that two people do in order to the other person in an painful process which could cause unpleasentness. by Cyrstal VarneyReport definition
The game Americans prefer to play because no person desires to simply take obligation on such a thing. by Carmella CullinsReport definition
1. To hold accountable; find fault with; censure.2. To put the obligation for ( a fault, mistake, etc.) by Kristyn FlyReport definition
Whate folks prefer to do in order to George Bush. by Mildred HeffronReport definition
Early 70's american ghetto slang for something which is great, an alternative to 'fly' or 'phat'. by MervinReport definition
to place all effects unto another person. Typically getting yourself away from difficulty. by Keiko ThrashReport definition

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  • Sentence for "blame"
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  • Synonym for "blame"
    • censure, reproach, blemish, crime, sin
  • Antonym for "blame"
    • acquit, excuse
  • Verb Forms for "blame"
    • blamed, blames, blaming
  • Phrases for "blame"
    • blame squarely, apportioning blame, can't blame, deflecting blame, counter-retaliation blame
  • Rhyme for "blame"
    • Ame, Boehme, Graeme, Mayme, Sejm
  • Hypernym for "blame"
    • knock, criticize, criticise, pick apart, accuse
  • Cross Reference for "blame"
    • reprove, censure
  • Equivalent for "blame"
    • cursed, curst
  • Form for "blame"
    • put the blame on, blamer
  • Same Context for "blame"
    • censure, censure, reproach, reproach, guilt
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