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(a) Strikingly unconventional and far-fetched any way you like or look; strange. See Synonyms at fantastic.
(a) strangely unconventional however you like or look.
(a) strange in fashion or appearance; great; whimsical; extravagant; grotesque.
Odd; fanciful; fantastical; whimsical; grotesque.
(n) many different carnation when the white ground-color is striped with two colors, one darker versus other.

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fat rapper when you look at the group d-12 and way to obtain several of the most absurd, disgusting, & most piss-yourself-laughing raps of them all. by Michelina BurchfieldReport definition
Strikingly unconventional and far-fetched in style or appearance; odd. by AndresReport definition
Talkin' nasty shit, Bizarre won't stop.I fucked two twins with a midget on topA unwell head, raping a classic ladyKnowing damn well Bizarre should not have a babyAll I can coach you on, learn how to mack, smoke crackSmack a bitch when she chat backMatta reality, smack the girl cuz she is a slutDon't you recognize, Bizarre don't offer a fuck. by Nikita IsabellReport definition
also called Rufus Johnson, Bizarre is the weirdo regarding the D12 group. He's got an uncommon love for bath caps and tyre irons he gathers.Bizarre could be the co creator associated with D12 team with RIP Big Proof.Inspired by rap pioneer KRS One, he has got also caused speed Won, younger Zee, Rah Diggah, Redman and many other performers.His very first record album premiered in 1997. It's entitled The Attack associated with Weirdos.His very first CD with a mainstream charm is Hanni Cap Circus that was introduced in 2005.It functions the Rock Star video, an ironic view of Bizarre's life after "quitting" the team (it really is, definitely, fictional)Bizarre is taking care of the next record album, Blue Cheese'N' Coney Island, this is certainly because launch on October the 23rd, 2007.His rapping style is characterized by some unwell hilarious rhymes with a filthy content.Often underrated, Bizarre has however some real interesting bits of work on their active, like some regional collaborations with DJ PDog and King Gordy. by RobertoReport definition
A rapper who is most well-known member of D12 9of those that really listen to rap). He talks about making love with nine yars old, and raping members of the family, and torchering his kids. by Wynell SaltzReport definition
1.Fat rapper from the team D12. He's hilarious lyrics and he wears a shower limit a whole lot. He is mediocre but he is so motherfuckin hilarious. by AdalineReport definition
A Rapper in rap team D12 , whoever words are usually extremely mysongnist and extremely offensice. Then again their lyrics are so fucking hilarious. by Carmella HuckinsReport definition

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  • Synonym for "bizarre"
    • fantastic, whimsical, extravagant, grotesque, odd
  • Phrases for "bizarre"
    • bizarre hidden-camera, bizarre mountebank, bizarre twists, sect's bizarre, colossally bizarre
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    • Adar, Aer, Afar, Ajar, Ar
  • Equivalent for "bizarre"
    • unconventional
  • Same Context for "bizarre"
    • weird, grotesque, disturb, fascinate, horrible
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