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(v) to put up up; help.
(v) To carry from spot to another; transport.
(v) to hold when you look at the head; harbor: bear a grudge.
(v) To produce good fresh fruit; produce: peach woods that bear every summer.
(v) to possess relevance; apply: They studied the methods when the relativity concept bears on the history of technology.
(v) To use pressure, force, or influence.
(p) bear down To advance in a threatening fashion: The ship bore down on our canoe.
(p) bear down to use optimum energy and focus: in the event that you truly keep down, you'll finish the task.
(p) bear away To prove correct or warranted; confirm: The test outcomes bear down our claims.
(i) bear down on To impact in a harmful or bad way: Financial pressures are bearing upon all of them.
(i) bear fruit to come quickly to a reasonable conclusion or to fruition.
(i) bear in mind to keep in one's brain; remember: be aware that bridges freeze before roadways.
(n) some of various often omnivorous mammals of family Ursidae that have a shaggy coating and a brief end and walk utilizing the whole reduced surface of the foot holding the floor.
(n) any one of several other pets, for instance the koala, that resemble a genuine bear.
(n) a sizable, clumsy, or ill-mannered person.
(a) described as dropping rates: a bear marketplace.
(a) Characterized by or thinking to profit of decreasing rates in securities areas.
(a) described as falling costs: a bear marketplace.
(v) To endeavour to depress the cost of, or prices in.
(v) To carry some thing.
(v) becoming equipped with (something).
to guide; last; sustain: as, a pillar or a girder holds the superincumbent fat.
To support in motion; carry; convey.
To endure; endure; undergo: since, to keep discipline, blame, etc.

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  • Synonym for "bear"
    • waft, convey, tolerate, support, sustain
  • Antonym for "bear"
    • bull
  • Verb Forms for "bear"
    • bearing, bears, bore, born, borne
  • Phrases for "bear"
    • teddy bear, teddy bear, polar bear, grizzly bear, bear arms
  • Rhyme for "bear"
    • Adair, Aer, Altair, Astaire, Ayre
  • Hyponym for "bear"
    • poise, comport, stoop, sling, balance
  • Hypernym for "bear"
    • have got, have, hold, give birth, birth
  • Cross Reference for "bear"
    • relate, apply, speculator, bear's grease, to bear a hand
  • Equivalent for "bear"
    • bere
  • Same Context for "bear"
    • wolf, beast, cat, dragon, deer
  • Variant for "bear"
    • born, borne, bore
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