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Acronym for Baby Bear Porridge. Indicating a thing that is perfect/ just right. by BridgettReport definition
Short for Bofh points; Points given from the Bastard Operator From Hell BBP's are generally given away when someone has either been amusing or useful for the BOFH. i.e go be good to the operator to get some. i.e be good to the operator to get some by Herbert DeesReport definition
Abbreviation for Blood Borne Pathogen. A virus that's spread by direct contact though blood or other human body liquids. Viruses like Hepatitis B and C and HIV tend to be BBP's. by Chase ChevalierReport definition
1. Big, Bushy crotch; a female who won't shave or wax behind the bikini range, staying hairy in places that a thong covers2. An afro within the panties3. Trimmed quick not bare inside panties by Shanae SinglerReport definition
Meaning "Big Ebony Penis" it comes from the Tribes 2 cd. It absolutely was made use of as an insult to particular players, and stuck. It eventually became simply a regular noun to explain something. by Lashon HensenReport definition
BBP is an acronym that identifies a black man's genitalia-- a Big Black Penis. by Cecil OlberdingReport definition
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