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(n) A stringed drum tuned to produce bass or low records, frequently with a fretted fingerboard and 4, 5 or 6 strings.
(n) the guitar with six strings with the least expensive pitch

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a four stringed guitar (E,A,D,G), a lot cooler than regular electric guitar by AureliaReport definition
(BASE - gitt - TARR) A musical instrument that is a hybrid for the upright bass (also referred to as the double bass or bass violin) additionally the guitar, conveniently combining the reduced tonal number of the upright bass with the portability and playability regarding the guitar. Popularized by designs produced by Leo Fender in the 1950s, although he had beenn't the first to manufacture a bass & electric guitar combination.Like the first upright bass, bass guitars mostly have 4 thick strings tuned EADG. But extended-range models with five (BEADG) or six strings (BEADGC) are available also, as are 8 and 12 sequence models (based from the notion of 12 string guitars). by PatriciaReport definition
a four stringed instrument. tuned a octave lower than your regular guitar.many folks forget the bass to be simple however, if any person has any proper knowledge of the bass chances are they know that it is more difficult than it looks to play.people may state if u can play guitar u can play bass but its not necessarily like that. because of the basses heaviness and much longer neck it will take sometime to get utilized to! by Armando NoyolaReport definition
bass guitarSince many people here seem to be ignorant of just what a bass is:1) It was never "based off the guitar", it really is a power version associated with double bass which became uncomfortable and more and more less audible compared to various other tools into the earliest rock/jazz rings.2) While better to find out than electric guitar, it is far far more hard to master. Anyone can appear cool playing the pentatonic scale and energy chords over and over; it will require a good even more price of musical skill and skill to-be exemplary at bass.3) On a related note "whoever plays guitar can play bass automatically" is absurd. If you have no sense of rhythm and can't keep a beat, then chances are you cannot play bass. Hell, many guitarists i have satisfied can't also play the bass without making the frets buzz their first few times.4) Bass is a rhythm tool, with a deeper more mellow noise. Guitar is melodic (or about mainly used for these types of). To say bass is inferior incomparison to electric guitar is also stupid. by PatriciaReport definition
The Sexiest Instrument In The Field. by LacyReport definition
An instrument scientifically proven to be sexy because its low-end regularity variety of 30-100 Hz corresponds with all the frequencies of which vaginas vibrate when intimately stimulated! by Cassie HaranReport definition
foundation of modern rock bands; person playing it's highly over looked as a musician although many bassists are much cooler//more skilled than guitar playersgoes great with drums by BulahReport definition

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