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The face that a DJ or a music listener can certainly make whenever a beat falls, or if a bassline is specially compelling and gritty. by Breann RemleyReport definition
The facial acrobatics that one engages in whenever playing a really groovy bassline. Can involve facial scrunching, mouthing, hushed screaming, the above at a time and much more. by DanielReport definition
the face area pulled whilst playing an excellent bass lineOften said to resemble the face area of a monkey trying to kiss something by Sherman MatlockReport definition
the facial skin made under contact with vast quantities of bass. by EldridgeReport definition
bass face has actually two definitions;1) a musical difference of poker face in which the bass player of certain musical organization wears an expression lacking any noticeable emotion, providing them with an anonymous, emotionally distant look.2) A bass face may be the title provided to the face area a DJ or audiophile whenever a beat falls or a bassline is very compelling and gritty. This utilization of the term is used for digital songs, specifically drum & bass, dubstep, and just about every other party songs where the primary interest is the bassline. by Sandy MessmerReport definition
Facial contortions of a bass player involving mouth twisting towards groove, chin dropping impossibly reasonable, brow furrowing, a seemingly empty stare and a general unawareness of the condition. In addition usually accompanies Egyptian-style mind gyrations. by YoshikoReport definition
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