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(n) A container made of interwoven product, particularly rushes or twigs.
(n) the total amount that a basket holds.
(n) a product resembling these types of a container in form or purpose.
(v) to put in a basket or in baskets.
(v) to place into a basket.
To put in a basket.
To cover or protect with basketwork.

basket in Community Dictionary

1. A reference into overview for the male vaginal location as viewed through pants/swimsuit/undergarment. See additionally bundle. Term often employed by homosexual guys in evaluating the possibility measurements of a possible suitor. by WilfordReport definition
This term can be used synonymously for vagina. This offers another fun/slang means of referencing one's woman components. by BradReport definition
To conceal most tools previously in a container, as an example a basket. Taken from the thought of Baby Bonnie Hood from DarkStalkers 3, who carried weapons in her own container. by Herbert DeesReport definition
a pipe used for smoking cannabis. by DarinReport definition
A basket- crazy acting or silly. Frequently describes somebody who is funny. by CaroleReport definition
something, into one of that you cannot place any eggs. by RandyReport definition
A code word used to allow your friends realize that the situation is uncomfortable while have to get from the jawhorse. by Mildred HeffronReport definition

basket in Sports Dictionary

A long cylindrical post made from wood or metal with a net mounted on it at the very top. People toss the baseball toward the container so that they can score a target. The articles tend to be fitted to the ground or a base. The basket steps 15.7in broad and 10in deep. The goalposts measure 12ft large. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
A plastic disc that rests over the tip associated with skiing pole to be able to stop the pole from sinking past an acceptable limit into the snow. Also describes a fundamental cage lift without seating. by Wynell SaltzReport definition
The lime hoop by which the ball must try using a player to rating. A net underneath slows the basketball, to ensure that the baseball has actually without a doubt passed through hoop. The net is constructed of white cable hanging from small material rings. A basket is also the name fond of the score granted for placing the basketball through the hoop, worth two points of many shots. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition

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