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(n) A legendary serpent or dragon with deadly air and glance.
(n) Any of various tropical United states lizards regarding the genus Basiliscus, characterized by a crest on head, right back, and end and the capacity to operate on the hind feet.
(n) A mythical (and heraldic) snake-like dragon kind, reputed to-be so venomous that its look was dangerous.
with respect to or attribute for the basilisk: because, a basilisk attention or appearance (a-sharp, penetrating,malignant attention or appearance, like this attributed to the basilisk).

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a big dump that any particular one does not flush, that hits it's way-out associated with wc bowl liquid by BreannReport definition
A 100 ft tall chicken-snake that propels cancerbeams from the eyes (causing severe tumorous death). It reserves the capacity to rig government elections if it therefore chooses. by Cyrstal VarneyReport definition
Noun, a woman which really loves rectal intercourse; a woman whom allows you to put your monster benefit in her own "chamber of secrets" by Yvonne MerrowReport definition
A Jewish kid's ridiculously huge, circumsized penis. It should be wrapped around the leg many times to fit right in a set of jeans. by Cecil OlberdingReport definition
frequently improperly looked at as a snake reaching over 100 metres in total that can eliminate with a look, from Harry Potter a number of publications.The basilisk is a 5 centimetre half-cockerel half-snake. Its hatched from a cockerel's egg (maybe not a hen's; a cockerel's) by a toad. It could turn any such thing residing into rock by glancing at it. Mythologically, it was killed by forcing it to check into a mirror. by Wynell SaltzReport definition
A catch all term, like 'cougar', for a specific variety of individual. A 'Basilisk' is a goblinesque, tetchy, uncompromising, spiny rage-ball of either intercourse with an evil stare, diehard liberal axioms and a marked loathing for well-known culture and it's adherents - frequently experienced in indie pubs where they truly are drawn like crazy moths toward fairy lights additionally the noise of Amanda Palmer. by DarinReport definition
1. A mythotical serpent might bring demise with a breath or a glance. Its hissing could drive all the other serpents away.2. The different exotic lizards characterized with a crest regarding head, back, end, in addition to capability to run-on the hind feet.3. A form of the serpentine, a gunpowder siege engine/canon.4. Any ATV, Jet ski, or single individual vehicle changed into war usage and in most cases designed with guns. by Leighann GalvezReport definition

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    • cannon, iguanid lizard, iguanid, mythical monster, mythical creature
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    • narrow-eyed, griffin, unwinking, electric-blue, gammadion
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    • cockatrice
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