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The act of utilizing the group listing unit on twitter for the deeper purpose of insulting or bashing some one. Can also be used as a insult towards people who deliberately utilize hashing on Facebook with regards to serves no real purpose. by Leland FeitReport definition
A hashtag word or phrase on twitter regularly bash a certain celebrity, company, item, or life style, frequently going viral. Frequently they result from funny running jokes, though sometimes they are derived from an organization's very own marketing and advertising hashtag gone awry. Examples include #Drakethetype, #McDstories, #qantasluxury, #AskJPM by BulahReport definition
once the string of hash tags following the post is actually more than the post itself, it must be 'bashtagged'. In addition, whenever an abuser creates a string of 'hashtags' way too long that they are nearly impossible to read through without breaking up because each 'hashtag' is stupider compared to after that, 'bashtagging' is necesary. Frankly, there are plenty egregious and capricious using 'hashtags' inside day and age, you'll find yourself planning to 'bashtag' increasingly more. Which good because 'bashtagging' is straightforward, enjoyable, and contains a few uses. While however an intellectual task, 'bashtagging' points out the more apparent details in a photo or in any way insults the original sequence of 'hashtags' rendering it infinitely more hilarious. It's like appropriate spray artwork. by Sandy MessmerReport definition
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