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A male avove the age of eightteen, typically without any formal training, just who will continue to stay at home with their parent(s) and has no aspiration to move out or contribute to society. Their might to call home is drawn by his day-to-day marijuana regiment. He is able to be found working second change at neighborhood fuel place. Everyday lives in a perpetual condition of "Getting their shit together." by AntioneReport definition
(n. pl. cellar dwellers) 1. Anyone inhabitant of a subjugated or marginalized minority directed to a basement in respect to a bureaucracy and/or geographic area in an office environment.Despite oppression from experience of the outside globe and natural-environmental elements (for example. sun, fresh air), basement dwellers often discover unity amongst co-habitants and enjoy a jovial atmosphere. Over-exposure to environment may cause hallucinations, excesive using jargon and inappropriate behavior, and a tendecy generate dreams or religous cults. by DamienReport definition
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