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an individual who is addicted to freebase cocaine, to not be confused with break. by Valeria SantosReport definition
1. a person who smokes freebase stimulants, particularly crack cocaine, additionally methamphetamine.3. Somebody who lacks commonsense, existence of mind, or conscientiousness. by JohnieReport definition
an individual who is dependent on or utilizes cocaine that's in a smokeable form (Free-base). Free-base cocaine is similar to break in that they truly are both fat soluable and certainly will both be smoked. by Junie GaribayReport definition
1) medicine addict which aren't able to find other things safer to do due to their free time but get squandered. by Major MarlowReport definition
a recreational abuser of base, maybe not break or cocaine.recreational abusers of break and cocaine are branded as crackheads and cokeheads correspondingly.base is a purer type of rate; typically at the very least 65per cent amphetamine (as opposed to speed being around 5per cent purity). by Meaghan GregoReport definition
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