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(a) current and not merely possible or feasible. See Synonyms at real1.
(a) becoming, current, or acting at the present minute; present.
(a) Based on fact: a genuine account of this accident.
(n) a real, real one; notably:
(n) Something in fact received; genuine, as distinct from calculated, receipts.
Active; practical.
completely presence; genuine; denoting that which not merely is, it is: against prospective, evident, useful, and imaginary.
now-existing; current: in opposition to past and future: as, within the actual condition of affairs.

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Boy/girl buddy....in a real relationship by NikoleReport definition
A word that young adults (in the united kingdom anyways) feel the incessant want to make use of every time they open their mouths. It is a pointless and ridiculous filler and should be banned to avoid it distributing any further.Examples of use:wtaf - just what the actual fuckomag - oh my real godbffal - best friend for real lifeistag - i swear to real godsoab - child of a real bitchstafu - closed the actual fuck up by Nell LerchReport definition
Callsign used by a military leader or leader in radio chatter to point the functioning commander is speaking rather than that platoons Radio phone Operator (RTO).If demand calls the platoon and needs "Hunter Two-One", they will be hailing the system Hunter Two-One, and can consequently talk to the RTO. If demand demands "Hunter Two-One Actual" these are typically requesting the acting commander of the unit, as opposed to the product as a whole (therefore the RTO). by Lashawna PierpontReport definition

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    • real, genuine, certain, positive, active
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    • unreal, visionary, imaginary, supposed, fabulous
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    • real, only, possible
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