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(n) The process of doing or performing one thing: the work of reasoning.
(n) Something done or carried out; a deed: a charitable act.
(n) A product, particularly a statute, decree, or enactment, resulting from a decision by a legislative or judicial human anatomy: an act of Congress.
(v) To play the part of; assume the remarkable part of: She plans to act Lady Macbeth during the summer stock.
(v) to do (a job) from the phase: work the an element of the villain.
(v) To respond love or pose as; impersonate: Don't work the trick.
(v) To respond or comport oneself: She acts like a born leader.
(v) to do in a dramatic role or functions.
(v) become appropriate theatrical performance: This scene functions well.
(p) act out to do in or as though in a play; represent significantly: work completely an account.
(p) act out To realize in action: wished to work completely their theory.
(p) act out to state (unconscious impulses, including) in an overt way without mindful comprehension or respect for social appropriateness.
(i) be in regarding act become incorporated into an activity.
(i) clean up (one's) work Slang to boost an individual's behavior or performance.
(i) get into the work To place oneself into an ongoing task, project, or circumstance.
(v) to accomplish anything.
(v) To perform a theatrical role.
(v) To act in a certain means.
to accomplish, perform, or transact.
To represent by action; perform on or as on stage; play, or play the section of; for this reason, feign or fake: because, to act Macbeth; to do something the enthusiast, or even the section of a lover.
To perform any office of; assume the smoothness of: as, to behave the hero.

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  • Synonym for "act"
    • action, performance, deed, perform, execute
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    • acted, acting, acts
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    • action, law, form, measure, result
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