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(a) Occurring unexpectedly, accidentally, or by possibility.
(a) Music Of or regarding an accidental.
(a) Happening by opportunity, or unexpectedly; occurring maybe not in line with the normal length of things; everyday; fortuitous
(n) a residential property, factor, or attribute which is not crucial.
(n) songs any one of different signs that indicate the alteration of a note by one or two semitones or perhaps the termination of a previous indication.
(n) Music A note that is marked with these types of an indication.
Happening by chance or accident, or unexpectedly; happening maybe not according to the normal course of things; casual; fortuitous; accidental: since, an accidental conference.
Non-essential; definitely not of the topic; adventitious: since, tracks are accidental to a play.
Synonyms Accidental, Chance, everyday, Fortuitous, Incidental, Contingent. The very first four will be the terms most commonly familiar with express event without hope or design. Accidental is considered the most typical, and expresses what takes place not in the regular span of activities. Chance has about the same power as accidental, but it is not used predicatively. There was a propensity to desynonymize accidental and casual, so as to make the previous apply to events which are of more consequence: since, an accidental autumn; a casual comment. Concerning real reference to the key course of activities, casual may be the word most against incidental; the connection of something incidental is genuine and required, but additional: as, an incidental advantage or evil. An incidental comment is a real section of a discussion; a casual remark just isn't. Fortuitous is quite a learned term, not applicable most of the time in which accidental and/or casual might be utilized; possibly through its resemblance to fortunate, it's rarely when utilized when speaking of whatever is bad or unwanted; therefore, it might not be correct to speak of a fortuitous shipwreck. It's mainly used with the greater abstract terms: as, fortuitous activities; a fortuitous resemblance. That which is contingent depends upon another thing for its happening: as, his recovery is contingent upon the continuance of mild climate. See occasional.

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an unhealthy motorist. In California, this person is usually Asian. by DanielReport definition
The embarrassing and extraordinarily painful experience of accidentally having rectal intercourse since there's an excessive amount of "spring" during typical intercourse. by Wes GroutReport definition

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