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(n) The first letter associated with the modern English alphabet.
(n) Any of the speech seems represented by the page a.
(n) the initial in a set.
(i) from A to Z Completely; completely.
(i) utilized before nouns and noun phrases that denote an individual but unspecified individual or thing: a spot; you.
(i) Used before terms, eg couple of or many, that denote number, quantity, quantity, or level: only a few of this voters; much more rest; somewhat excited.
(i) applied before a suitable title to denote a sort or a member of a course: the knowledge of a Socrates.
(p) in just about every; to every; per: once a month; one dollar a pound.
(p) Of.
(p) In; on; at; by.
(a) Informal have actually: he would a come if he could.
(a) speed
(a) tend to be (dimension)
(a) Used in conjunction with all the adjectives rating, dozen, hundred, thousand, and million, as a function term.
(a) Pre-owned before plural nouns modified by couple of, good numerous, few, large number of, etc.
(i) A meaningless syllable; ah.
the initial letter associated with English as well as many other alphabets. The main city A of the alphabets of Middle and west European countries, as in addition the small letter (a), form kinds in Italic, black-letter, etc., are all descended from the old Latin A, which was borrowed from the Greek Alpha, of the same kind; which had been produced from 1st letter (�) associated with Phœnician alphabet, roughly the same as the Hebrew Aleph, and it self from the Egyptian beginning. The Aleph had been a consonant page, with a guttural air sound that has been perhaps not an element of Greek articulation; and the Greeks took it to express their vowel Alpha utilizing the ä noise, the Phœnician alphabet having no vowel signs.
The name of 6th tone into the model significant scale (that in C), or perhaps the very first tone associated with minor scale, which can be named after it the scale in a small. The next string for the violin is tuned into A in the treble staff. -- A sharp (A♯) is the name of a musical tone intermediate between the and B. -- a set (A♭) may be the title of a tone intermediate between A and G.
An adjective, generally called the indefinite article, and signifying one or any, but less emphatically.

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1st letter when you look at the English alphabet. by Sherman MatlockReport definition
Where one gets f'd.First utilized on Southern Park by Marlys MontanaReport definition
1) 1st letter of English alphabet2) an audio that this letter represents3) one; one type of4) each; any one5) in and for each6) in certain schools, the best level, definition "excellent" or "best"7) in songs, the 6th tone or note when you look at the scale of C Major8) acronym for assist: used in recreations by LeopoldoReport definition
the tiniest bra size offered besides a double A; first proper bra dimensions though it is quite small. by CarmelaReport definition
A Swedish vowel, comparable to the "oa" sound in the English words "oar", "roar", etc. by Clemmie CabanaReport definition
A letter used in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish (though restricted to appropriate nouns), Walloon and Chamorro.The letter is pronounced as an "o", like inside term "sauna".When capitalized, the character can be accustomed denote the machine of size, Ångström. 1 m = 10^10 Å. by GregoryReport definition
Favorite interjection for the Fonz. by Victor KieserReport definition

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